Thursday, January 11, 2007


Most of us have heard of the word entrepreneur and the meaning that single word conveys. Yes, an entrepreneur is the one who is willing to own and operate and take the risk of operating any business. He is the one who manages all the factors of production to carry on with production. But with time, the purview of the word entrepreneur changed dramatically and it became a comprehensive word signifying a lot of different aspects of business.

Two major extensions of entrepreneurship that has resulted due to the changes in the markets are Technopreneurship and Minipreneurship. The words are self explanatory but let's try to have a look at these words in more detail and try to understand the basic essence of these words. Who exactly is a technopreneur? Well, he could be understood as a new age entrepreneur who makes use of technology to come out with something new or to make some innovation. And once he is successful in it, he exploits his achievement in the market to make money.

What differentiates a technopreneur from any other businessman is the way a technopreneur operates his business. His business is generally marked with a high growth potential and high leverage of knowledge and intellectual property. What is more, he always has a viable exit mechanism.

Then we can have a classic entrepreneur. He is the one who starts his own business. Or you can have a multipreneur who starts a number of companies as per his potential. But the maximum number of entrepreneurs falls in the category of intrapreneur. These are the ones who use their creativity, their knowledge, and their drive in a large corporation. And yes, how can we leave aside a minipreneur. Yes, he is the one who doesn’t possess huge capital base to start a large business but is the one who starts a new venture with this limited capital and with the help of that small capital base expands his business to great heights.

If you are thinking of starting a new business venture of your own, you should asses yourself very objectively if you are game for it. For example, if you are thinking to be a technopreneur, you need to have some personal traits that include being ambitious, independent thinking, passionate about your work, self confidence to take bold decisions, commitment to your job, creativity in good doses, having risk taking abilities, and having a vision for future.

So, if you want to be a technopreneur, start with assessing yourself, if you are really for it. And be very honest about it. You can't cheat yourself. What are your interests? Are you really interested in being a technopreneur or are you joining the bandwagon? Do you have the aptitude to be a technopreneur? What are the relative advantages and the disadvantages of being a technopreneur?

You must be very sure of what you want. Another option could be of being a miniprenuer. The best thing about it is that you can continue in your present job and pursue your business in part time. And when you think that you are ready to pursue it full time you should leave your job and do it full time. It all depends on your personal choice and personal willingness.


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what is the difference between the the conventional business plan and Technopreneur business plan?

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