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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Secret To Riches - A Visualization Tool

The Secret to Riches.. This visualization tool could actually help me visualized and be positive and that you can achieve what you want if you think and see positive. Remember what Paul J Meyer said, 'what ever you can vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely act upon, will surely come to past". What a powerful statement! Now there is the Secret Video. If you are feeling low and down, come here and watch this again and again..and discover the untapped strength within you.

This video is a powerful visualization tool to help you attract riches into your life. It will powerfully focus your mind on riches. It has been intentionally created so you will receive the maximum benefits through the law of attraction.

To experience the full power of The Secret to Riches, be sure to read every word and feel it as much as you can.

Believe and know that riches are yours, and feel the feelings of having them now. The more you can feel it, the more power you will add to bring it to you.

There is no limit to the amount of times you can experience The Secret to Riches tool. Every single time you watch it, you will be deliberately focusing all your energy and powerful attracting thoughts on magnetizing riches into your life.

The Secret to Riches visualization tool was inspired by one of the great wealth teachers from The Secret, Bob Proctor. Watch it now ...

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Secret - The Law Of Attraction

After almost 4 months of blogging, I am starting to get visitors' comment on my blog. Even so, some have requested me to ex-change links with their blog. How wonderful to know your work has been appreciated and there are people out there having the same thought with you. The Law of Attraction.

I have recently again been requested to do a link-exchange with a blogger. She is from the United States, her name is Susan. In her blog, I notice she is also a believer of 'don't quit your day job while you are building your alternative income'. While I was reading her blog, I also notice she is a believer in the law of attraction and she recommended "The Secret". Coincidentally, I have also been watching this movie steamed online.

If you haven't yet watched the movie "The Secret" I suggest you get your hands on it as soon as possible, it will change your life, and you will learn how to attract more of what you want, and less of what you do not want.

Take a look at the movie trailer...

The movie length is about 90mins. Talks about the following:

1) Thought is the first most important process in The Secret. You becomes what you think about most, and attract what you think. This is similar to the age old classic 'Science of Getting Rich' teaching about Thought. Even Roger Hamilton's Wink and Grow rich books mentioned this.

2) Focusing on the positive. Focus on what you want and focus on it positively.
Positive thought is 100 times more powerful than the negative thought.
I remember listening to a tape by Paul J Meyer, 'What ever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely act upon, will ultimately come to pass'.. a very powerful statement.

3) Some times what we wanted and focus on are delayed. This is called time-delayed. The secret film said that time-delay is good. As it give you time to re-think and re-calibrate, re-choose and reaffirmed your path and choice.. Very Positive.

4) After having the right thought, comes feeling. Good feeling creates and draw more good feelings. Therefore, feeling good is as important as thinking good. Your thoughts and your feelings create your future.

5) 'Your Wish is My Command'. If you keep having negative feelings and 'wishes' in your thoughts, the universe will say "your wish is my command" and you get want your think and feel about. But if you think, ask and believe that you will get what you think about, the universe will response "your wish is my command". Change your current circumstances by changing your thinking first.

6) Showing gratitude is very important. We must have attitude of gratitude. Start shifting your thinking by having good gratitudes.

7) ASK, BELIEVE and RECEIVE: Ask for what you want. Believe that it is already yours. Receive it.

The universe like speed. You have to ACT now. If you are interested to buy the DVD version of The Secret, you can click below:

Tell you what.. Google Video just launched in December 2006 a 20min version of this movie. I don't know if this going to there for long.. The full version is 90 mins long.
If you like, I strong suggest you to buy it from Amazon by click the above banner. It can change your life!
Anyways, watch the 20mins now before Google takes it off.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Profitable Blogger

My earlier post mentioned that Internet Marketing is one of the way to go for those who want to do their business anytime anywhere. The next question is how can you start? ..

For the past few months, I have been secretly meeting up with this guy, his name is Alvin Phang. Like many he started off part time and he has Some experience in business as well.

Using his expertise in IT, he started to leverage on his IT background and started his own blog. Within just 4 months of his venture into the Internet Marketing,
Alvin now commands a total of 15,000 visit to his site and further to that his ranking in Alexa got sky rocketed to 84,000 to date!

I strongly encourage if you are new and thinking of starting a new interent business you would seriously want to learn blogging from Alvin. Blogging is the easiest way to get your feet wet in Internet Marketing. He is truly the best all what he is good at! For a limit time period only, Alvin is going out free videos to teach you how to setup a blog in just 5 mins! Check out Alvin Phang- The Profitable Blogger

Above: picture of Alvin (left) , Ewen, and I.

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Part Time Entrepreneur? - Can This Work?
Full Time and Part Time
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Part-Time Entrepreneur? - Can this work?

Let me ask you a question first. Are you satisfied with your current position? Do you cite several reasons to others and yourself for not realizing your goals? Do you think that success stories only look good in print and they are the exceptions who got lucky or who had backgrounds helping them to succeed?

It would seem very rude of me but I also know that somewhere down in your heart, you know that what I am going to say is true. All these are excuses that are made by people who lack the courage to realize their dreams. These are excuses that people lacking courage to try something new, make for themselves. Talk of job security is a thing of the past. And realizing dreams is no longer an option. It is a necessity in this age!

After all, Michael Dell of Dell Computers fame started his company from his hostel with a capital of $1000 and went on to create a net worth of $20 billion before he reached the age of 40. And if you think it is just a U.S. story, well think about India. Yes, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw who is the richest woman in India started her company Biocon in her garage with little less than $4000. As of now, the total market cap of Biocon is $1.2 billion.

Let’s come to the topic now. We are talking about entrepreneurship. And if the term overwhelms you, let us modify it to part time entrepreneurship. You have a job, you need to pay bills and you have other liabilities. Well, no problem? You carry on with your day job and turn an entrepreneur at night. The income that you get from your part time business would help pay bills and other expenses.

What is more, you would also have the satisfaction of being your own boss and working to realize your dreams. There are many examples besides the examples I mentioned above, that clearly shows that when your business is in growing phase, you could always work on it as a part time entrepreneur. And with time you can turn that part time business into a full time business. The best thing is the number of avenues open to you. Yes, many!

Right from MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) to Internet Marketing to Freelancing to Home Business, have your pick. It is the best for house wives who are house wives full time. They could easily have their part time business running from their homes itself. After all full time house wives also have some spare time that they could utilize well.

Recently I have been involved in Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing or Netpreneurs have the privilege of doing their stuff anytime anywhere and great for people who travel a lot. This is especially true with Mr Ewen Chia, one of internet marketing most recognized figure. I recently attended his workshop called Affiliate Windfall Workshop (see picture)

He told everyone that he start Internet Marketing 8 years ago and didn’t make money till after 3 years. During the first few years of building up his part-time Internet Business, he was holding a day job! He told me, ‘Don’t quit your day job. If you do, you have more stress and you wouldn’t be creative if you are always stressed. It is good to have that day job to pay you bills while you do your night-job to build your dream and your future.” After all, doing part-time post graduate degree courses these days are quite common in Singapore. Doesn't it require that same amount of dedication like you are doing your own part-time business?

There are many examples of young men that I met who are successful with what they are doing part-time before they went full-time. Read my next post Alvin Phang – The Profitable Blogger.

Part Time and Full Time Entrepreneurs

Who doesn’t want to be the boss of his own company? But very few realize this dream. What is the reason behind it? Fear of failure is one of the biggest factors that don't allow a person to turn entrepreneur. After all, we all have families to support, liabilities to shoulder and one misstep could result in problems created for them. And who wants to lead one’s family into trouble?

But despite all this, don't you ever feel that you should start a business venture of your own without actually quitting your job. Your job provides you and your family security and safety but there is something that your heart wants and that could only be provided if you turn an entrepreneur. Job satisfaction is something that few care about but few could actually ignore its impact.

So, what needs to be done? What should be the course of action for you when you know you can't possibly quit the job? Well, the answer is straight forward. You can easily take the route of part time business. But let me tell you one thing. The word “easily” is just not suited for this scenario. Taking this decision could be a little bit easier than actual implementation of this idea. If you are really committed to turning a part time entrepreneur, then only you should venture into the field of part time entrepreneurship.

Well, you would have to spend more of your time working. You would have your regular job and you would also have your part time business to take care of. That is really time-taking. I remember I did my MBA part-time while I was keeping a demanding day-job. I still make it. Isn't this the same? Yes, we can multi-task.

Before you opt for part time entrepreneurship, I would like to give you a few suggestions. Hope it proves helpful.

The very first thing I would like to emphasize on would surely be your family. Always keep your family up dated about what you want to do. It is true that when your part time business becomes successful, you might think of quitting your regular job but until then you would be a lot busier and your family would have to support you in that period. You would have to convince them that it is for the good of all.

Always have a professional outlook with your part time business. Part time or full time, a business is always a business. So, even if you are conducting your part time business from home, you need to have a room that should be exclusive for your business activities. You would do well to have a separate phone and fax line for your business. The same goes with business license also.

If you plant a tree, do you get the fruit the same day? No, it takes time to bear fruit. Well, it is the same with part time business also. Be PATIENT. Be very realistic about your part time business. Any new business takes time to start running and it would be the same with yours also. Show patience during this initial transition phase.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007


If you think that you don't need to know what Robert Kiyosaki (and who is he by the way) thinks about entrepreneurship, well I would say that you need to first ask who Robert Kiyosaki actually is. Have you heard people talking about the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, which is coincidently the longest running best seller on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Business Week? If the answer is yes, let me tell you that Robert Kiyosaki is the author of this best seller Rich Dad Poor Dad.

I sincerely hope that you would now be more interested in finding out Robert Kiyosaki’s take on entrepreneurship. After all he has been instrumental in initiating thousands of people into being entrepreneurs. The next question could be the reason for turning entrepreneur. You have a very good job, you are earning good money and your life is secure and stable. What more could you want? There is something which is called ambition and there is something which is called realizing your full potential. Don't you think if you are good enough to be valuable for your employer, won't you be good enough for yourself?

The basic difference between an entrepreneur and an employee according to Robert Kiyosaki is the mental set up. Employees as per Robert Kiyosaki are more concerned about resources while entrepreneurs are more concerned about opportunities. Let me ask you a question. Suppose you find a very good piece of real estate, what would be your reaction to it? Would you leave it just because you don't have the cash for it or would you tie up the property first and look for money later? Believe me the answer is very important and very pertinent to our current discussion.

The answer shows your mindset. If you have always been claiming that you want to start a business but lack the capital to start one, Robert Kiyosaki would term your mentality resource oriented which is typical of employees. If you believe in starting a business and letting it finance through the cash flow, you are more of opportunity oriented mindset. The basic difference between an employee and an entrepreneur is their respective outlook. One looks at the lack of resources while the other looks at the presence of opportunity. It is all about making use of the right opportunities that come your way in the words of Robert Kiyosaki. “Never claim that you can't afford something. Always ask how you can afford it. Let your mind think and not let it shut down.” This is perhaps one of the best mantras that came out from Robert Kiyosaki.

The next point to focus on would be the way to manage the human resources at hand. Robert Kiyosaki claims that employees like to manage through hierarchical structures while entrepreneurs make use of networks and in doing so they make use of the resources of other people and organizations. So, it all boils down to leveraging the assets and resources of your partners. But always keep in mind that you should be very careful when choosing your partners. Take the advice of an expert, Robert Kiyosaki and understand that choosing the right partner is perhaps the difference between success and failure most of the times.